Satin's Whiskers and Alice Mine Cocktails

OK, so my resolution to post regularly 2015 got sidetracked.  Let's try this again:

Last week I tried two recipes from Internet Cocktail Database, "Satin's Whiskers" (which I wonder if it's a typo for "Satan's Whiskers") and "Alice Mine Cocktail".  The major common ingredient is Grand Marnier.

Both are mixed with ice in a cocktail glass and strained.  SW calls for 1 part each gin, dry vermouth, sweet vermouth, OJ, and 1/2 parts GM and orange bitters.  This wasn't bad, it wasn't overly orangey, though I was out of OJ and used pink grapefruit juice.  I'm not sure the sweet vermouth added much, it tends to overwhelm other flavors.

I wasn't crazy about the Alice Mine, it had a bitterness or some off-putting taste that didn't appeal to me.  It calls for 1 part GM, 3/4 part gin, 1/2 part dry vermouth, 1/4 part sweet vermouth, an regular bitters.  Just not my thing.