Boubonella and Skyscraper

No picture today, I drank them too fast.

The bourbonella came up when I hit Surprise Me at the Cocktail Database.  It's basically a perfect Manhattan:  1/2 bourbon, 1/4 French vermouth, 1/4 orange curacao, and a dash of grenadine.  Stir with ice and strain.

And it tasted like a Manhattan.  Not a bad quick drink, a little sweet, it would have benefited from a cherry or slice or orange.

A similar drink is the Skyscraper: dash of bitters, 1/8 lemon juice, 1/8 orange curacao, 1/8 grenadine, 3/8 dry gin (I had Bombay), and 1/4 French vermouth.  Shake with ice and strain.

This was lighter than the bourbonella and I liked it a little better because the lemon cut the sweetness.  No added fruit needed.