2012 Brassfield Pinot Grigio

Two pinot grigios/gris today.  First off is a 2012 Brassfield pinot grigio from Brassfield in Clearlake Oaks, CA, northwest of Sacramento.  It ran me $14.

If you like very acidic, almost grapefruit juice quality pinot grigios, this is one for you.  I liked it.  Very tart, it would probably go well with rich seafood courses.

Second up is a 2006 Alsatian pinot gris from Sparr; I reviewed one of their rieslings a year ago.  This one ran me about $10.

I like this one a lot too and almost drank the whole bottle in one sitting.  It's not as acidic as the California one, more middle of the road, but a good drinking wine, though not overly sweet.  I might go with this as a go-to pinot gris/grigio choice.