2008 Max Wagner Kabinett Riesling

I got out of my writing routine the last couple weeks though I've been putting the wine away.  My ipad that I used to photograph the wine bottles died (KBK -- killed by kitty; long story) and it's taken me a while to wrap my head around using the new iphone to do it.

Anyway, to kickstart me back, a 2008 Max Wagner Mosel Kabinett riesling.  I think I've written this up a year or so ago.

Frankly, way too sweet for me without the notes to make the sweetness worthwhile.  Almost like drinking soda pop with a buzz.  Of course, I did knock off most of the bottle on the first evening, but it was with food.

If you like really sweet rieslings, this is very drinkable and the one for you.