2011 Loire Charbonnier Sauvignon Blanc

I don't remember if I went into detail on that I'm working through different whites for a couple months rather than sticking with one or two varietals like I usually do (this year pinot gris/grigio and Gewurz), but if I didn't -- well, I am.

Last weekend I drank a 2011 sauvignon blanc from the Touraine appelation of the Loire Valley bottled by Charbonnier; it ran me in the mid-teens, part of a case of mixed whites from Morrell.

I didn't make notes at the time and waited too long to write it up, but in general a nice S.B. and I was glad to be back to them (I drank those a couple summers ago).  This one was very fragrant and herbal without the asparagus/cat urine notes that you get in so many.  I drank some Loire wines a summer or two ago and remember not being too crazy about them -- too austere for me -- but this one is very nice, a good complement to the usual summer chicken or seafood or pasta salads.