2011 Berger Grüner Veltliner

So here's a grape I knew next to nothing about, the grüner veltliner from Austria.  I got this bottle in a case of mixed whites so I can't give a price for it.

Here's how wikipedia describes it:  "Grüner Veltliner is a variety of white wine grape variety grown primarily in Austria, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. The leaves of the grape vine are five-lobed with bunches that are long but compact, and deep green grapes that ripen in mid-late October in the Northern Hemisphere."

This bottle was unique in wines I've bought in that it has a beer/pop bottle-type cap, no cork or screw top.

I liked it and can see how Austrians enjoy drinking this on the terrace of an inn or bar.  I would describe it as like a wine version of a hard cider, with apple notes to it.  Wikipedia says it has stood up to world-class chardonnays, which I don't quite see because this didn't have the chardonnay body and is much more acidic.

A nice white for summer drinking, and everyone has a bottle opener!