2010 KC Jones White Blend & 2009 Loire Vouvray

I'm combining two bottles tonight, a 2010 KC Jones white blend from Sonoma and a 2009 Loire Vouvray from Philippe Brisebarre. I'm starting a couple months of mixed whites to try something different than my usual alternating of two wines per season.

The KC Jones is quite a mix: 34% chardonnay, 31% viognier, 12% pinot blanc, 8% sauvignon blanc, 6% pinot gris, 3% Gewurtz, and 3% riesling.  (Got that?)

After what must have been a lot of trial and error coming up with those proportions, frankly I thought the final result is a very middle-of-the-road blend, drinkable but not notable.  A couple bottles would be fine for a weekend BBQ with a couple of friends over, but I wouldn't buy it for a special occasion.

The Vouvray, on the other hand, had more interesting notes to it and more nose.  (And my notes of what those notes are have disappeared into the cloud.)  It went well with a chicken breast on the grill, as well as with some salsa and chips.  I'm not always crazy about Loire wines, but I liked this one.  It's the one I would buy for a special occasion.