2009 Deo Gratias Roussanne/Marsanne Blend

Next up in my grab bag of mixed whites this spring/summer is an 85% roussanne-15% marsanne blend from Deo Gratias, produced in Narbonne, France, which is one of the southernmost cities on the east side of France, across the (gulf of something?) from Marseille..

I wasn't familiar with roussanne or marsanne, so I looked them up.  They are the only whites allowed in certain appellations in the northern Rhone, and roussanne is just one of a handful of even more obscure whites allowed in the southern Rhone. Both can be blended with reds

Wikipedia says about roussanne, "The berries are distinguished by their russetcolor when ripe — roux is French for the reddish brown color russet, and is probably the root for the variety's name. The aroma of Roussanne is often reminiscent of a flowery herbal tea. In warm climates, it produces wines of richness, with flavors of honey and pear, and full body. In cooler climates it is more floral and more delicate, with higher acidity."

All that aside, I wasn't crazy about this blend though I drank all of it.  Very "different" notes from your usual whites.  I'm not sure I got the herbal tea, maybe the honey.  It reminded me of a "funky" Gewurtz that wasn't right close up next to a riesling in flavor like so many are, more at the "funkier" end of the spectrum.

I'd like to try another couple roussannes to see how they compare to this one.  I'm thinking I may come to appreciate this grape; it just didn't happen on the first try.