2011 Joel Gott and 2011 Be Bright Pinot Gris/Grigios

I've started my pinot gris/grigios summer with a 2011 Joel Gott from Oregon (bottled in Napa) and a 2011 Be Bright from Beringer in Napa.  (To be exact: the Joel Gott is a gris and the Be Bright is a grigio.)  Both cost me about $12.

Since these are my first of the season I'm not in a position to comment much on them.  The Be Bright has orange in the nose, a tad sweet for me generally, and in general on the bland side.

The Joel Gott was decidedly more acidic, like a lot of sauvignon blancs.  Perhaps a little lemony.  In general it was a little too acidic for my taste.

Neither one is a bad white for the price.  They'd be good with seafood.  I'm looking forward to trying others.