2007 Viña Esmerelda

The last couple nights I drank a 2007 Viña Esmerelda from Catalonia that ran me in the low teens.  I think I may have reviewed this a summer or two ago but it's not coming up in a quick search.

This wine is 85% muscat of Alexandria and 15% gewurztraminer, so that's how it fits into my current pinot grigio/gewurz drinking regime.

It's a pleasant enough wine, sweet but not overly so.  Frankly, just drinking it as a sipping wine didn't do that much for me.  I did look for chicken breasts at the store a couple days ago, which might have gone well with it, but didn't find anything that would feed less than a family of 5. (Yes, I could have frozen some.  Let's move on.)

The label recommends it with shrimp/seafood cocktails (I also thought about getting some of those) (shouldve wouldve couldve), fish, and pates, and I can see this pairing well with any of those.  Also pasta salad maybe.

Not a standout but a nice refreshing white.