2010 Cupcake and 2010 SeaGlass Pinot Noirs

Today I'm killing 2 bottles with 1 stone, both 2010 pinots from California, a Cupcake from around Livermore in the north and a SeaGlass from around Santa Barbara.

(The iPhone is going for fuzzy chic, as you can see; it's not your eyesight.)

Either pinots are finally growing on me towards the end of my pinot drinking season, or else I'm stumbling on some that I just like better.  I liked both of these with a slight edge to the Cupcake.

I was thinking I've had a Cupcake varietal in one of my past drinking seasons (Sauvignon blanc maybe?) and wasn't all that crazy about it.  The label describes it as very cherry with a spice edge to it.  It wasn't as cherryish as the one a few weeks ago, but this is certainly very fruity and went well with food.  The label suggests pairing it with a mushroom risotto (which seems to be the new hot food on wine labels to suggest pairing with), and I'd agree with that.

The SeaGlass also wasn't bad although I didn't like it quite as much as the Cupcake; it was more of a generic pinot.  The label claims "juicy cherry flavors ... [and] vibrant acidity".  I don't know about the acidity bit, which you don't tend to find on pinot labels, but it was certainly a nice wine.  I'll agree with their suggestion of a pairing with roast turkey.  Sounds good right now, actually.