2010 Albert Bichot Secret de Famille pinot noir

To wrap up this pinot noir winter I drank a 2010 Albert Bichot Burgundy pinot that ran me $17 from invino.com

In a word: meh.  Ok but a typical pinot, it didn't blow me away at all or even make me want to finish the whole bottle.  No different subtleties of flavor.

The label says this would be good with grilled salmon, and I would agree with that, though the price might be a little high for a weeknight grilling out.  Not a bad wine but not a favorite.

I have one bottle of pinot noir left, but I'm going ahead and switching over to spring and summer pinot grigios/gris and Gewürztraminers.  To sum up my experience with pinot noirs this winter, again, in a word: meh.  If I never drink a pinot again I doubt if I'll miss them.  They're lightweight for my taste.  I just read an interview with Chris Noth, and he seems to agree with me; he said he thinks the pinot fad is overdone.  On the other hand, I really liked most of the petite sirahs I drank over the fall and winter.  They had more body and interesting flavors and were a lot more to my taste.

I hope you've enjoyed reading my tasting reports.