2010 Trivento Reserve Pinot Noir

The last couple nights I drank (or tried to) a 2010 Trivento Reserve from the Mendoza region of Argentina that cost me about $10.

In a word: Yuck.  When I first opened it and aerated it, I got a small glassful down.  I wasn't crazy about it, lots of unpleasant notes, but it at least tasted like red wine.  I thought it might be better after sitting overnight.

I wuz wrong.  When I tried it the next night, I took one drink and threw the rest out.  Very unpleasant taste.  I might have just gotten a bad bottle, but I'm not putting out another $10 to find out.

You can find some decent pinots for $10 (so I've heard, can't say I have), but this one isn't one of them.