2009 Nicodemi Cerasuolo Rosé

The last couple nights I've been sipping a 2009 Nicodemi Cerasuolo rosé from Abruzzo (across the boot from Rome) made from Montepulciano.  It ran me $13 at invino.com.

I'm just going to quote invino here:  "The 2009 Nicodemi Cerasuolo Rosé is made in the only appellation in Italy that’s regulated to make rosé by the traditional technique, which is setting aside a certain lot of fruit for rosé alone - hence, the deep and dark (yet romantically elegant) color of this wine."

Cherry is the distinguishing note in this rosé, and I'd agree with that.  It tastes a bit like drinking cherry Jello.  The invino description also gives notes of macerated strawberries and marzipan (=almonds), which I'd agree with too.

A bit on the Montepulciano grape from wikipedia: "The grape is widely planted throughout central and southern Italy, most notably in AbruzziLatiumMarche,MoliseUmbria and Apulia, and is a permitted variety in DOC wines produced in 20 of Italy's 95 provinces. Montepulciano is rarely found in northern Italy because the grape has a tendency to ripen late and can be excessively "green" if harvested too early."

The invino description says this works as an aperitif or with desserts, both of which I'd agree with.  A nice, flavorful rosé for people who don't think they like rosés.