2008 Brancott Pinot Noir

In this issue of The Amazing Spider-Man our intrepid hero fights ... oops, wrong blog.  Today we have a 2008 Brancott pino noir from New Zealand's South Island.  It ran me about $11.

The label describes this pinot as having "silky, smooth tannins" and "ripe cherry and red berry fruit flavors".  Not to be snarky, but what pinot couldn't this description go with?

Like the label description, I thought this wine was ok if generic -- one that I'd drink with a good pizza (not store bought frozen).  The first night I drank it I thought the first glass had a few off notes, although I'd aerated it.  The next night I liked it a little better.  It wasn't undrinkable like the pinot a week or so ago, but not more than average either.

Even if you're just eating pizza or spaghetti and meatballs you can find a better pinot for the price.