2011 Spy Valley Pinot Noir Rosé

The first of the week I drank a 2011 Spy Valley pinot noir rosé from New Zealand's Marlborough region that ran me $13.  And here's the news:  I REALLY liked this rosé.

Up till now rosés have been like oysters for me: I've really tried to develop a taste for them but my general reaction has been Meh.  (Or in the case of oysters, unless they're deep fried on a Po' Boy: Yuck.)  This one, on the other hand, is radically different.  I could see it easily becoming my summer go-to wine—if I can find it locally.  I bought this bottle from invino.com.

 The label describes notes of cherry and plum.  I didn't get the plum, maybe a lighter cherry.  What I noticed was a floral essence to it.  The label describes it as having a 'refreshing and bright palate', which is spot on.

A very nice rosé; if you don't think you like them, try this one.