2005 Valsacro Dioro Rioja

Taking a break from my winter's drinking of pinot and petite sirah, I drank a 2005 Valsacro Dioro rioja from the basement that I'd bought last winter.  I don't remember what it ran me, I'm guessing around $10.

It tasted like, well, a rijoa, definitely not a thin-bodied pinot or a slightly sweet petite sirah.  Very full bodied, dark red, tannins, fruity.

The first night that I opened it, it wasn't all that great just for sipping, and I did decant it for a little while first.  When I got back to it on Christmas Eve, I drank it with my attempt at Chinese food for Christmas Eve, pork with oyster sauce, and it really opened up and went well with the pork.  I'm betting that with one of the Iberian specialties like pork and clams it would be great.

A nice rioja.