Cameron Hughes 2009 Lot 266 Pinot Noir

This week I tried a 2009 Cameron Hughes Lot 266 pinot noir, which I got on sale for about $12.  I really liked their petite sirah, and I liked this pinot too.

I'm still not converted to being a pinot fan, but this was fruity, maybe a little chocolaty, very smooth.  I drank some with chili I'd made, and it didn't work at all.  Then I tried some later with a chunk of cheddar, and it really worked.  Really good, and as you frequent readers know, I haven't been a pinot fan..  It also keeps well; I finished it a couple-three days later, and it was still drinkable.  

The label describes it as "silky smooth" with notes of blackberry, lavender, and violet.  If you like pinots, a nice wine at a good price.