2010 Bogle Petite Sirah

The bad news first: I didn't like the 2010 Bogle petite sirah, not a bit, didn't finish the bottle.

This ran me about $13; it comes from Clarksburg, south of Sacramento.  My friend at the Liquee Mart recommended it; I didn't care for her recommendation  for a pinot noir either.  The last time I listen to her.

I aerated this.  Many times the second glass is better than the first, but not with this wine.  I tried it with a piece of parmesan (frankly I think cheddars are better with red wine, parmesan with whites) and that didn't perk up the flavors.  Chips and salsa, which went well with my last pinot, didn't help either.

You may like this, Bogle's a big name after all, but it just didn't work for me.