2010 Albert Bichot Gevrey-Chambertin Burgundy

The last couple nights I drank a 2010 Albert Bichot Gevrey-Chambertin Burgundy, which falls into my pinot noir winter drinking, of course.

I ordered it online from invino.com.  This was my first order from them and I was happy with the service, but for $30 I wish the wine had been better. A lot better.

I can't say I picked up any particular notes from it. It was just a pretty generic red wine.  This pinot did perk up a bit when I drank it with food, but still not enough to justify a $30 price tag.

A note on the source: the label says Albert Bichot was founded in 1831 and has 4 estates over 240 acres across Burgundy with a variety of terroirs. Not my favorite terroirs.

Not a bad wine, but for $30 you can find better pinots.  (OK, how many times in this review have I said the wine wasn't worth $30: un, deux, ... )