2009 Meiomi Pinot Noir

This weekend I've drunk a 2009 Meiomi pinot noir from California's central coast (Santa Barbara/Monterey/Sonoma).  It ran me about $20.

My friend at the Liquee Mart recommended it, saying it was about the best pinot they carry.  It was nice but it didn't blow me away.  I'd had brussels sprouts with supper, so admittedly those may have been playing not nice with my taste buds.

I aerated it and used my oversized red wine glasses for it, which really accentuate the nose.  I got cherry from it; the label claims generic berry.  It did become more velvety as it got more air in it.

After the 1st glass, which didn't bowl me over, I drank some with chips and salsa (moderately spicy).  It really worked well with those, much better than as sipping wine.  I bet it would be good with burgers.  The food also brought out sweetness in it.  This wine also overnighted well; the rest of the bottle was good the next night, better than the first glass I'd drunk.

In general a nice pinot to go with food, though I'm thinking you can find ones just as good for less than $20.