HandCraft 2010 Petite Sirah

This week I tried a HandCraft 2010 petite sirah that ran me $13 or so.  This hails from Manteca, CA

I liked it.  I'd decanted about half the bottle the first night, and with the first glass my reaction was sort of 'meh'. This has a little zinfandel added so it has a little more potency than the other petite sirahs I've drunk.

The second glass I drank with some wine and cheese, and the food (and probably time in the decanter) really opened it up.  Not as great as the Cameron Hughes but still good.

I got black cherry from it and maybe the pepper notes mentioned on the label.  The label also says plum and blackberry; it might have been the plum that I was getting.  

The label recommends this with burgers, grilled pork chops, or--mac and cheese.  I'd never thought of that with a red, but it's a rather brilliant idea, the way that cheese and carbs brings out the flavors in a red.  A nice wine.