2010 Chateau Ste Michelle-Dr. Loosen Eroica Riesling

My last riesling for the year is a 2010 Chateau Ste Michelle-Dr. Loosen Eroica riesling from Washington's Columbia Valley.  It ran me almost $20.  I've reviewed Ste Michelle and Dr. Loosen rieslings earlier this year.

This is one of my favorite rieslings that I've drunk this year.  Lots of body.  Medium dry with the acidity on your tongue rather than the back of your throat.  Fruity:  both grapefruit and apple-pear.

The label describes it as "aromatic, fresh and crisp with mineral notes and intense citrus and stone fruit." A very nice riesling, even for people who don't think they like riesling, and I can see it pairing well with lots of fine dining as well as party foods.

I looked back through my reviews the last 6 months or so, and these were my favorite rieslings:

  • 2010 Milbrandt
  • 2009 Carmel Road
  • 2007 Vertikal Kabinett
  • 2010 Konstantin Frank

If I had to pick a favorite, I'd probably say the Konstantin Frank.  I'm not sure I'd drink riesling as my go-to wine, but I've certainly grown to like it, especially those on the drier end of the spectrum.