Snoqualmie 2010 Naked Riesling

This week I tried a 2010 Snoqualmie 'Naked' Riesling made around Paterson, WA, which is in the Columbia River valley in the middle of the state on the border with Oregon.  It ran me under $10.

(The picture is blurry because it's naked.)

I guess this is an example of why I shouldn't buy inexpensive wine.  I aerated it, but the first glass or two tasted a bit chemically, not a fully developed wine.  Now, I will say that after a couple days in the fridge it was more drinkable, if not a great or even a good riesling.  Maybe it just needed time to open up.  The label description is generic: spice, pear, and apricot.  That describes most middle of the dryness range rieslings.

I wouldn't buy it again, but if you something to take to a house warming or somewhere and see this, give it a try.