2007 Pierre Sparr Alsace One

This last week I drank a 2007 Pierre Sparr Alsace One that ran me a little over $10, I think.

This isn't a true Riesling.  It's a blend of Sylvaner, muscat, riesling, pinot blanc, and Klevener de Heiligenstein.

So what's Klevener de Whatever?  According to wikipedia, it's "a designation used on Alsace wine made from pink-skinned Savagnin Rose grapes, a variety in the Traminer family, but which is less aromatic than Gewürztraminer."  This is the only grape that's restricted to a geographic area of Alsace.

The little dry to sweet chart on the back of the bottle has this at the far dry end.  I'll agree with that.  I tend to prefer dry to sweet wines.  This wasn't bad and didn't taste like grapefruit juice like some dry Rieslings, but at the same time it didn't have a lot of subtlety of flavor.

This wasn't bad; it would probably be good with grilled fish.  Just not the wine for me.