2011 Acrobat Pinot Noir Rosé & 2008 Domaine Zind Humbrech Pinot Blanc

I've fallen behind on my drinking and my write-ups again.  So no pictures today getting caught up.

First up is a 2011 Acrobat Pinot Noir rosé from around Eugene Oregon.  I've tried several rosés the last couple summers and haven't really developed a taste for them yet.

This one was fruity, nice acidity, good balance.  I drank the entire bottle, so that's a recommendation.  I wouldn't recommend it to be drunk by itself or with cheese and crackers, but with a light summer meal, maybe chicken breast or seafood, it should provide a good pairing.

Second up is a pinot blanc, a 2008 Domaine Zind Humbrecht from Alsace.  Funny story with this bottle:  I was thinking the whole while I was drinking it that it was a  Gewürztraminer, and it wasn't till I was pouring out the last glass that I noticed it's actually a pinot noir.  So I
guess that wasn't the whole while, but I digress.

This pinot blanc is very fruity, apple and pear notes, but it had a bit of an off-note to my
 palate, almost as if it was getting a little skunky or something.  It was still drinkable and 
not awful, but it just wasn't my favorite wine.

I have one last bottle of pinot blanc to try, so I'll see if that has the mysterious skunkiness. 
In general I can see  why pinot blancs aren't huge favorites in the U.S.