2009 Gustav Lorentz Pinot Blanc & 2010 Lehmann Layers White Wine

I've fallen behind again yet still, so a short joint review today to get back up to speed.

First off is my last pinot blanc, a 2009 Gustav Lorentz.  My tasting notes on these 2 wines disappeared, so I'll be running on memory today.  

This one hails from Alsace, like most pinot blancs.  It didn't have the funkiness that the last PB had.  Fruity, but not overly so like some Rieslings that taste almost like apple juice.  Not much subtlety of flavors either, but a nice enough white.

Second is a 2010 Peter Lehmann Layers white made from semillon, muscat, Gewürtzraminer, pinot gris, and chardonnay.  Why they didn't they throw in some sauvignon blanc while they were at it?

This is a nice summer drinking wine; it would go well with chicken on the grill or pasta salad.  Again, fruity but not overly so; maybe some notes of vanilla.  I got mainly the semillon and maybe the sweetness of the muscat.  And probably a good get you want to go wine too.

2011 Acrobat Pinot Noir Rosé & 2008 Domaine Zind Humbrech Pinot Blanc

I've fallen behind on my drinking and my write-ups again.  So no pictures today getting caught up.

First up is a 2011 Acrobat Pinot Noir rosé from around Eugene Oregon.  I've tried several rosés the last couple summers and haven't really developed a taste for them yet.

This one was fruity, nice acidity, good balance.  I drank the entire bottle, so that's a recommendation.  I wouldn't recommend it to be drunk by itself or with cheese and crackers, but with a light summer meal, maybe chicken breast or seafood, it should provide a good pairing.

Second up is a pinot blanc, a 2008 Domaine Zind Humbrecht from Alsace.  Funny story with this bottle:  I was thinking the whole while I was drinking it that it was a  Gewürztraminer, and it wasn't till I was pouring out the last glass that I noticed it's actually a pinot noir.  So I
guess that wasn't the whole while, but I digress.

This pinot blanc is very fruity, apple and pear notes, but it had a bit of an off-note to my
 palate, almost as if it was getting a little skunky or something.  It was still drinkable and 
not awful, but it just wasn't my favorite wine.

I have one last bottle of pinot blanc to try, so I'll see if that has the mysterious skunkiness. 
In general I can see  why pinot blancs aren't huge favorites in the U.S.