Casa Silva 2007 Viognier

Somehow I've managed to drink a bottle of this Chilean viognier every summer for the last 3 years and didn't realize until last week that I've tried it before.  I guess the name 'viognier' always catches my eye.

In the summer of 2010 I wrote "They describe this wine as 'complex, elegant and unique', which sums up this bottle pretty well.  It certainly doesn't have the grassiness of so many SBs.  I haven't drunk a pinot gris in a while so I can't compare it to those, but this seemed like a pleasant middle-of-the-road white, not too acidic, not too sweet, not overloaded with different notes."

Last year I said "This is a light viognier but it has more substantial nose than the California Kunde I drank last week. It has more subtlety of flavor than a lot of the whites I've drunk this summer. I couldn't identify the notes but I think I got oak.  A nice wine, good for a dinner party or friends over."

Maybe this vintage (2007) is getting a little long in the tooth, but I was less impressed with it this summer.  I'll agree that it's a pleasant middle-of-the-road white, not too acidic, not too sweet.  I wouldn't agree with the subtlety of flavor assessment.

Not a bad wine if you can find it on sale.  It would still go great with pasta or seafood.