2010 Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling

Before you say I've reviewed this one before, that was Chateau Ste Michelle's *dry* riesling.  This is their *regular* one.  I know--I was confused for a minute when I got this home and saw the name on my list (same year too).  So many wines, so hard to keep them straight.

Their dry one had grapefruit notes.  This one is anonymously fruity.  The label says peach and pear: I didn't get pear but peach may be right.  Vanilla as well maybe.  The label also claims it has "racy acidity".  So what's that when not referring to a tart-tongued stripper?

I like this one: sweet but not overly so; fruity, but not like you're drinking a glass of Mott's. I drank the entire bottle in 2 outings, which is the first time in a few weeks for rieslings.  A good summer wine.