2010 Pacific Rim Riesling

Back (finally) to a riesling I like.  This 2010 Pacific Rim riesling from around Richland, WA, in the Columbia Valley ran me around $14.

This was sweeter and less acidic than the last few rieslings I've drunk.  As you know if you've read my posts for a while, I'm not big on sweet wines, but this isn't overly sweet.  The little chart on the label places it at Medium Dry, but I would say it's more Medium Sweet.

It has just a shot of acidity, the back of the throat kind.  The nose is good, and the notes are definitely very fruity in the pear and apple part of the orchard.  The label also says jasmine, which, after the fact, I think I agree with.

The label also says this would be good with spicy food, like Thai and Mexican.  Thai I agree with, Mexican not so much, though it would depend on the region.  It also says heavier stuff like French or German, which I don't agree with so much unless it's like Provencal or seafood.  Some smellier cheeses might go well with this as well.  A nice wine.