2009 Indian Springs Pinot Blanc

This second pinot blanc hails from Kelseyville, CA, a little NE of Cloverdale.  It ran me about $20.

I wasn't particularly crazy about this pinot. My tasting notes from the first glass say it wasn't too far from white vinegar, and I'd aerated it.  It did have more nose than the first pinot blanc.

The second glass I drank with some smoked gouda.  This time it had a little more sweetness, but the flavors did not change drastically with food as some wines do.

After a day in the fridge it was a little sweeter but still without huge subtlety of flavor.  The bottle label apparently is talking about a different wine from what I drank: "Ripe peach, pear and pineapple rise from the glass leading to a sweet melon and vanilla-nutmeg spiciness."  Didn't get *any* of that!