2010 Lot 259 Riesling Blend

So, starting off my spring and summer with a Riesling.  This first bottle is a 70-30 Riesling-Chenin Blanc blend from Cameron Hughes made from grapes in Washington's Columbia Valley.

The label on this 2010 blend is a good example of, umm, what's the term, "exuberant marketing":  "Lot 259 is layered with racy citrus and stone-fruit facets. [So it's a diamond in the rough?]  Sultry nectarine and white floral notes abound. [sounds like you get a lap dance] ... Stunning."

It's a nice enough wine but it's not this over the top, let alone "stunning."  A tad sweet for my taste, but I prefer Saharan wines.  I got a little acidity in the back of my throat but not huge subtlety of flavor.

At $10.75 or so it's drinkable, good for sipping on the patio this spring with smores.