2010 Chateau St Michelle & 2010 Dr Konstantin Frank Rieslings

Today 2 Rieslings that I've been drinking in the last couple weeks: a 2010 Chateau St Michelle and a 2010 Dr Konstantin Frank.

The first (on the left in the picture) is from Woodinville in the Columbia Valley, a little northeast of Seattle.  Definitely a dry Riesling, although not pucker dry.  I got grapefruit from it, though the bottle label says mandarin orange, which may be what I was tasting.  A nice bottle of wine for about $10.

The Frank is from New York's Finger Lakes region.  I didn't know who Dr. Frank was till I looked him up, but he was a very interesting fellow.  A Russian from Odessa, he taught American wine makers how to grow the classic European varieties in cold weather climates.

This ran me $18, but it was worth it.  I got grapefruit again, though the label says citrus, apple blossoms [what does an apple blossom taste like?], and honey.  I didn't get honey, but it definitely opened up and turned a little sweeter.  I really liked this wine; the label says it's good with seafood [I can see that[, mild cheeses [ditto], and chicken [that would depend on the dish].