2006 Valley of the Moon Pinot Noir

I picked up this 2006 Valley of the Moon pinot on the recommendation of my friend at the Liquee Mart.  She said after a red wine tasting they'd had recently, lots of people were buying this.  It ran me about $11. The winery is in Glen Ellen, CA, north of San Francisco and just south of Santa Rosa.

Last time I listen to her.  I aerate my red wines so that's not an issue.  This tasted bland/weak on first tasting, with no special notes to it or body.  It didn't hold up well either; the next night or two later I had another glass, and it was worse, with a bitter flavor.  I drank that glass but I poured out the rest of the bottle.  I should know better than to try wines with funky names!

2008 Rothschild and 2009 MacMurray Pinot Noirs

No pictures today, just trying to get a couple more bottles written up.

First is a 2008 Rothschild Vin de Pays d'Oc pinot noir that hails from the south of France.  The label touts morello cherry, black currant, and violet.  I don't have how much I paid for it, but I'm guessing in the low teens.

I aerate my reds instead of decanting them.  My notes say I could taste the black currant, but I might have been getting the morello cherry.  This was a sweeter pinot than many that I've drunk this season.  Less tannin maybe.  I don't tend to like sweeter wines, but this is my favorite pinot to date.

Second is a 2009 MacMurray pinot from the Central Coast of California.  This was property owned by actor Fred MacMurray (Double Indemnity, My Three Sons).  This one ran me just under $15 at Sam's Club.  The label of this one claims flavors of red cherry, cola, briar, and vanilla.  OK, what exactly does briar taste like, and who goes around chewing a piece to find out?

This one seemed to have what I describe as a slight "vinegary" taste to it.  Maybe the bottle was already past its prime.  Also slightly sweeter than other pinots.  I caught a note in it that I couldn't put my finger on, maybe the elusive briar.  Like the Rothschild, a nice wine.  If you're looking for a pinot for dinner with friends or for wine and cheese, either of these would go well.