Evodia Spanish Red

This week I've been drinking a no-year Spanish red with the Evodia label.  It ran me in the lower teens.

This red is made from 100% garnacha grapes.  I wasn't familiar with garnacha.  Lo and behold, it's just plain ol' grenache.

The label says these grapes are grown in high-altitude (2400-3000 ft) vineyards near the village of Atea in the Calatayud wine region in the NE-central part of Spain.

I liked this wine, as I tend to like other Spanish wines I've tried.  The first glass was strikingly fruity, more so than just about any other red I've drunk recently, specifically cherry.  It would really go well with a roast or even burgers.

Interestingly, though, the wine didn't hold up that well overnight: the second day it had lost most of that fruit burst.  A nice wine if you can down it all in one sitting; I recommend it.