2005 Luigi Bosca Reserva Pinot Noir

My second [or am I up to three?] pinot noir of the season is a 2005 Luigi Bosca Reserva pinot.

This wine comes from the Maipú area of Mendoza in Argentina and was casked in oak for 8 months.  I got it on sale for about $12.

The label is very flowery on the wine's attributes: "Brilliant cherry red, clean, fresh, fruity and velvety"; "Aromas of red fruit, strawberries, violets and chocolates."

Unfortunately my reaction was along the lines of meh.  I didn't find it to have much subtlety of flavor, even after aerating it.  The label said it can be laid down for 5 to 8 years, so it wasn't over the hill [or over the Andes].  After a night on the fridge, I drank some with brie, and I liked it a little more; it tasted more mellow and slightly sweeter.

Not a bad wine; it might work well with chops or a roast for dinner.  Just not my first choice.