2010 Pascal Jolivet rosé

My first pinot of the season is a 2010 rosé from Pascal Jolivet in the Sancerre region. I forgot to jot down the price, but I believe it ran me in the low $20s, or maybe high teens.

I'll let the label speak for itself: "The Pascal Jolivet Domaine covers 49.5 acres in Sancere, with vineyards close to the villages of Bué, Verdigny, and Ste Gemme. 8.6 acres are planted in chalky clay soils with Pinot Noir. The PJ Rosé Pinot Noir is a 'saignée' wine. The juice is produced from macerated Pinot Noir grapes that have been not been sorted by hand or de-stemmed. ... The juice is fermented naturally, without adding cultivated yeasts."

Unfortunately, I didn't like it.  It packed a pretty acidic kick without much in terms of nose or subtlety of flavor.  Now, I didn't use my aerator for the first glass or two, which might have helped, because after a day or two I liked it better; it didn't seem as acidic.  It was definitely better with food; I don't think it's a sipping by itself wine.