Scotch Stinger

I'm going back to making cocktails once in a while, like when I started this blog.

To find drinks to try, I'm going to use Internet Cocktail Database's Random Drink Generator, which is always a lot of fun, kind of like Russian Roulette.

My first spin of the barrel today came up with a pousse café, and though I had the 4 ingredients it called for (including creme de violette, remarkably enough), I've never been good at pouring those, and I don't have a good glass to build it one.

Second up was a Scotch Stinger, so I went with that. 

These are easy enough: 2 to 1 blended Scotch to white creme de menthe.  Of course, who keeps white creme de menthe around.  When I went to the Liquee Mart to buy a bottle, all they had were the large ones, and only 1 small bottle of the green.  My friend who works there told me that actually they're going to discontinue the small bottles, that they sell the large ones about 10 to 1 over the small ones.  People drink that much creme de menthe?  Who knew?

I used Johnnie Walker Black for the scotch.  I'm not a big mint fan, I can take it or leave it, usually leave it, but this isn't a bad drink:  smokey, not overly minty.  I tend to be a minimalist, but this drink could use a little more complexity.  One more ingredient, I'm not sure what, and it would be a really good drink.  I wonder how a little bacon would be in it.  Really.  Just a thought.