2010 Domaine La Croix Saint-Laurent Sancerre

My next-to-last Sancerre review of the summer; I have one coming that I bought from Hops and Grapes.  After that, I have 3 chablis to drink before fall officially begins.

This bottle was a 2010 Domaine La Croix Saint-Laurent.  The label describes the wine as "dry, fruity and has the aroma of white flowers and exotic fruits," which I agree with [not sure about the white flowers--that covers a pretty wide spectrum].

This has been sitting around for 10 days since I finished the bottle so my memory of it is faded, but my notes say it has a Sauvignon Blanc nose and is fruity and slightly acidic.

The label says it would be good as an aperitif or with fish or shellfish, which I'd agree with.  A nice wine for the price [about $25].