2008 Brocard Chablis

Running a bit behind again, but my choice of white wines this summer hasn't been the best to get me writing about them.

It's now fall [by 2 days] and I'm wrapping up my summer whites.  I have one more chablis to go and then a higher-end Sancerre that won't get here till mid-October.  Lot18 apparently thinks it stays hot in the Midwest until mid-October.

This 2008 Jean-Marc Brocard chabils ran me in the mid-$20 range and is 12.5% alcohol with a straw color. It has a screw cap, if you have strong feelings about those.  My colleague at http://vinopelz.blogspot.com/2009/12/2007-jean-marc-brocard-chablis-domaine.html describes this as "the perfect everyday Chablis" [if you drink Chabils everyday] and I'm inclined to agree.

I liked this a lot better than the first chablis I reviewed a couple weeks ago, which was far too austere even for my dry white-preferring tastes.  I had a cold while I was drinking this, so I can't really comment on the nose (of which I couldn't smell much] or any subtlety of flavor.

It seemed a bit sweeter than the last chablis.  In general I don't like sweet wines, but anything sweeter than the other one is a good thing.  The acidity was fairly subdued and more subtle than a lot of whites, it didn't pack a kick.  In general a nice chablis at a good price.  It would go well with seafood or a seafood pasta.