2009 Naire Verdejo

I've been drinking an $8 Naire verdejo that hails from around Zamora, which is not too far northwest of Madrid and directly north of Salamanca in central Spain.

I looked up verdejo grapes to refresh my memory, and wikipedia says they're often harvested at night, resulting in a wine that's "aromatic, often soft and full-bodied."

I would agree with the soft for this bottle, if my definition of a 'soft' wine is the same as the writer of that article.  Full-bodied not so much.  I found this Naire to be on the thin side.  It had more flavor drunk with food, but it seemed to get more acidic after a night in the fridge [it has a screw cap], a little too much so for my taste.

Not a bad wine for the price, but I've drunk other verdejos that I preferred.