Two Ruedas

I've let this blog slip the last month.  I've drunk a few Spanish wines but haven't gotten around to writing them up.

Two ruedas today.  The first is a $9 2009 Emina Verdjo.  This is from a 'green' winery where they use a lot of recycled materials etc.  Hopefully not grapes.  They describe the wine as 'fresh and zingy like a great Sauvignon Blanc, but deep and expressive like a white wine grown in a high-plains dessert.'

I frankly didn't find it 'deep and expressive'.  It was fruity and good with a nice piece of Parmesan, but not much nose and no subtle depth of flavor.  It's a good everyday wine for $9.

The second wine is a 2009 Damana Verdejo that ran me $16.  Both of these are 100% verdejos.

I liked this one more; for $16, I should.  I noted honey flavors, maybe vanilla, and it was *really* good with Parmesan, they complimented each other.  This reminded me more of a good Sauvignon Blanc than the other one.  This would be a good wine for a nice dinner party.