2007 Amano Soave and 2008 Champalou Vouvray

An international pair of whites today, a vouvray and a soave.  I saw the soave mentioned on a cooking show so I decided to try it.

The Amano soave ran me about $13.  It hails from Gioia, which according to the map I pulled up is in the central part of the country east of Rome.

The soave had about the least acidity of any white I've drunk lately, nice fruity notes [the label says pears], maybe vanilla, slightly sweet.  It would be good with a light summer supper, maybe with a lighter meat like veal.

The vouvray ran me $18, and frankly wasn't worth the money.  It was drinkable, but you're paying for the import status, I think:  no nose to speak of or subtleties of flavor.  I've drunk better vouvrays.