2003 Domaine Hatzimichalis Syrah

I stumbled across this Greek syrah from the Atalanti Valley at Kahn's on the east side of Indianapolis; I didn't know that Greece produced syrahs.  I looked up the Atalanti Valley, and assuming it's near the town of the same name, this wine is from the east central part of the country.

This syrah had some interesting flavors.  I got some "earthiness" from it, and maybe pine, like retsina, and licorice/anise.  The licorice came through more strongly the second day.  This was sweeter than other syrahs, though the body seemed a little thin.

Ultimately I didn't like it all that much.  Admittedly, red wine usually isn't at its best the next day after it's been opened, but I didn't finish the glass I poured, and I emptied the rest of the bottle.  Other people might like the licorice/pine more than I did.