2005 Toasted Head Viognier

I let the week get away from me in writing up my wines.

I came across another viognier, so I decided to try it as my last white of the summer and compare it to the viognier I reviewed a couple weeks ago.

This 2005 Toasted Head is from the R.H. Phillips vineyards, located in the Dunnigan Hills up in Yolo County, CA.

I could tell the difference between the 2 viogniers as soon as I opened the bottle (cork).  Much more interesting nose than the other one.

The wine had more interesting flavors as well.  I fell down on my tasting duties and didn't jot down notes, but this bottle was considerably sweeter than the other viognier.  Almost too sweet for my taste but just on the edge.  It certainly didn't have the acidic kick of the SBs I've been drinking all summer.

Not a bad white wine for grilling or a pasta dinner maybe.  I got it on sale at about $13.