2004 Soliloquy Sauvignon Blanc

I saved my most expensive, and I was hoping the best, Sauvignon Blanc of the season to the end:  a 2004 Napa Valley Soliloquy that ran me $28.  It's made by Flora Springs, which is located on Zinfandel Lane a few miles SW of St. Helena (almost directly east of Santa Rosa).

There are disappointments in life, and this was one of them.  I wasn't crazy about this wine, to the point where I was pouring out the last glass, I was debating whether I really wanted to drink any more of it.

If you like the often-heralded 'honeydew' notes and tones in SBs, you will love this wine.  It almost knocks you over when you swirl the wine in the glass, and it's almost as noticeable on the tongue.  I'm not a big melon fan, I'll admit (except for watermelon), though I don't mind small pieces of it. But I thought it was way too overwhelming here.

On the other hand, the balance of acidity and sweetness was good: not an acid wash like a few SBs I've drunk this summer, but not sticky sweet to go with the melon notes either. If you want to go with a higher-end Nappa Valley SB for a dinner party, this one might work better for you than it did for me.

I was looking back at my reviews the last 6 months, and I found 4 SBs that I really liked, 2 from Chile and 2 from New Zealand:

2008 La Fortuna Chile
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Nobilo Icon 2007 NZ
Sauvignon Republic 2008 NZ

I have one more SB-related review before I switch to syrahs and shirazes this week, and that will be another Pouilly de Fume.