2009 Dancing Bull Sauvignon Blanc

I drank a bottle of 2009 Dancing Bull Sauvignon Blanc over a couple days that ran me in the $9-$10 range. 

I found this to be a so-so bottle of SB: the nose didn't seem particularly distinctive.  The mouth wasn't as overly citrusy as some SBs I've drunk this summer, which I liked, but the flavors weren't particularly notable, just generic.

The winery's web site (very graphic-intensive and one of the best designed I've seen) claims that both the nose and the mouth show fresh mown grass and boxwood.  I guess I need to get to a nursery and sniff some boxwood, but that seems a little over the top. 

Both the site and the label say that this wine would be good with Chinese take-out, and I do agree with that.