2009 Brancott Sauvignon Blanc

This review will be short and pretty sweet.  Last weekend I drank a 2009 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc from Brancott.  I think it ran me roughly in the $15 range.

It was a very hot and sticky weekend, like the rest of this summer.  I don't usually drink more than 2 glasses of wine on any given day (I've gotta get with the program), but Saturday I think I drank 3 glasses, and Sunday I finished up the bottle.

Now, this wasn't a particularly outstanding SB.  The nose was uninspiring, and the flavors weren't particularly subtle, especially compared to the Crossings bottle at the same price point from a week or so before. But it was a pleasant wine for a hot summer day, and that's what counts sometimes.

And a p.s.: the Pouilly Fume from last week that I didn't care for:  it works great for poaching fish with a pat of butter, herbs, squeeze of lime.