2008 Mapema Mendoza Sauvignon Blanc

This week I drank a 2008 Mapema Sauvignon Blanc from Argentina.  These grapes are grown pretty high up, 3,900 feet, "in the shadow of the Andes mountains," in Tupungato Department in Argentina's well-known Mendoza wine-growing region.

The label describes this SB as "Floral with crisp, lemony citrus and melon flavors," and that sums it up pretty well, though I never get the melon notes that SBs are supposed to show.  My initial assessment was that it was one step up from water with lemon, but it grew on me.  It doesn't have the strong, herbal notes of many SBs, as if you're drinking a grassy meadow smoothie or watered-down green Chartreuse.

This is a very light wine, but enjoyable; it runs in the $12-13 range. Definitely a good summer wine for the 100 degree weather we're having.