2008 Bogle Sauvignon Blanc

I haven't drunk many California Sauvignon Blancs this summer, so I decided I should try a few more.

This 2008 Bogle, which hails from Clarksburg (apparently where they have lots of quail or pheasants or some kind of game birds running around; two are in gold on their green label), ran me in the $10 range. Clarksburg is just south of Sacramento on Interstate 5.

The nose didn't blow me away with any noticeable sniffs.  The wine itself, the first glass at any rate, struck me with strong apple notes.  I didn't get that quite so much from subsequent glasses.  This was also a sweeter SB with a low acidity than most of the ones I've drunk this summer, on the edge of being almost too sweet for my taste.

If you prefer your wines a little sweet, this would be a good choice at the price point.